Timeless couture

MH Mena is dedicated to creating bespoke, couture luxury womenswear pieces.
We take and translate your brief into a timeless, exclusive dress, created with the finest, quality materials. All our pieces are made-to-measure and designed to unfold your visions into a perfectly sculpted garment.

As a luxury fashion house, the heart and soul of the brand lies within the expertise and craftsmanship of its atelier and designers. For the individual pieces and collection to come to life, the atelier and talent work tirelessly to create the exclusive looks and styles that define MH Mena.

Staying true to the legacy of the brand, MH Mena is committed to guaranteeing our craftsmanship is continuously developed and nurtured, combining the artisan skill and tradition of couture fashion with the limitless imagination and possibilities of our clients and designers.

Production is housed in our London atelier. You have the option to visit us in-house, or the MH Mena team will travel specifically to you. MH Mena is committed to fostering and nurturing the partnerships it builds with its clients for a lifetime. We offer an experience that exists beyond the finished product.

MH Mena prioritises your vision, adapting every detail of the dress until are enamoured with the finished article. We work to incorporate into the lifestyle and needs of our clients. From the initial consultation to the final fittings, no matter the occasion or the brief, our ethos is to cultivate a collaborative partnership throughout the couture process. slot88 gwin4d tt4d bewin999