Unique pieces that provide superior results for clients through
a commitment to excellence.

Drawing tradition on a modern aesthetic through Mena’s love and commitment to creativity and art, we redefine the boundaries of craftsmanship and fashion. We reinterpret and reinvent couture fashion, translating the female form into timeless silhouettes.

MH Mena celebrates women and strive to make them look and feel beautiful, confident and sensual. We devote our time to the needs and requests of every client by offering an unparalleled client experience.

The pursuit of beauty holds no bounds in the magical world of couture. For the individual pieces and collection to come to life, the atelier and talent work tirelessly to creating the exclusive looks and styles that define MH Mena.

We offer an experience that exists beyond your finished product.


At MH Mena we ensure every level of detail, manner and care that goes into our products is of the highest quality. As a luxury fashion house, the soul and heart of the brand lies within the expertise and craftsmanship of its atelier and designers. Staying true to the legacy of the brand, MH Mena is committed to guaranteeing our craftsmanship is continuously developed and nurtured and the skills can pass on into contemporary times.

Mena works to equip you with the highest standards of quality and materials as well as continuously cultivating relationships and building bonds that can last a lifetime. Every step of the process, from meetings to updates, she ensures all of her work is incorporated into the lifestyle and needs of her clients; no matter the occasion or the brief. All of this is channeled into every sketch, cut and stitch we make.

MH Mena is dedicated to creating bespoke, custom made luxury womenswear pieces. Our ethos is prioritising our clients’ needs and adapting every detail until you are enamoured with the end-product.