Empowered by women at its core

MH Mena is a rising couture luxury fashion house, based in London, with global ambition. At the core of MH Mena is a team of powerful, diverse, dedicated, collaborative and creative women, committed to creating pieces that empower and liberate the inner lives and dreams of our clients.

“Curiosity leads to movement, movement to discovery and discovery to reinterpretation.”
– Mena Hamoodi, Creative Director

Drawing inspiration from art, culture, and literature around the world, MH Mena’s collections and designs are borne out of a natural and instinctual impulse to continuously explore, sketch, create and reinvent.

MH Mena’s methodology and design process combines the highest standards of traditional European couture dress making with the evolving modernity and visions of our clients and the contemporary fashion world.


Committed to excellence and innovation

Inheriting a strong work ethic from her family and an ever-evolving vision, Mena’s eye for fashion was nurtured in an upbringing of strong women and her Middle Eastern and English heritage. Her grandmother immersed her in the worlds of storytelling and poems that would inspire her designs and sketches.

Now, she is looking to the future with her own brand that pioneers modern innovation without losing the traditional, artisan craftsmanship she has mastered and honed. A future that pays homage to her history, heritage and lineage.

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